Please take your time to read all of the instructions provided! 98% of all wrong impressions are caused by not reading the instructions.

You MUST rinse your impressions with soap and water after taking them.


Your kit includes two sizes of trays, small and large. Before you start, rinse your trays with soap and water. Try on both in order to determine which one fits best. The trays MUST fit your mouth. The tray should be bigger than your mouth and not be too small - if it touches your teeth in any way it is too small. If both sizes feel too small, please email us for assistance! 



Have a timer ready. You will need one white and one blue putty for one impression. You will have a total of 30 seconds to mix the putty, the white and the blue, completely into one solid color. There should be no streaks or patches in the putty once you are done mixing it thoroughly.


Roll the putty into an even sausage roll like in the example image below.


Place the sausage into the tray and pat it down evenly throughout to ensure full coverage of the tray. Place the tray into the center of your mouth and with your thumbs, push firmly into your teeth starting from the center in front and sliding them back, keeping the pressure consistent throughout. You will have 30 seconds to complete step 3 (a total of 60 seconds for step 2 and 3).


You will need to apply enough pressure to get your gums molded throughout the impression. You will need to keep completely still for 6 minutes. After the six minutes have passed, use the handle to pull the tray up/down. You will feel some suction so pull firmly.  


Once you have taken your impressions, rinse them with soap and water and dry them completely. Send pictures of each impression individually like the good examples below, at an angle and with flash. Send the images in one email to

Please DO NOT remove the impressions from the trays, they will need to be retaken if they are removed. 

We will either verify the impressions if they were done correctly and provide you with your return shipping label or we will let you know that they need to be retaken.


Fun Fact: 95% of our customers get the impressions correct the first time because they take their time to read instructions (more than once) The other 5% does not.


Tip: If you are biting into the tray you will most likely have to purchase additional putty! When taking an impression be sure to use your fingers to apply pressure into your teeth. Don't be afraid to apply the pressure, just do NOT bite into the tray!

Tip: Practice putting the tray into your mouth before you begin the impression process, this will buy you more time before the putty starts to harden. Make sure the teeth are not touching any sides of  the tray, and practice centering it as best as you can!

Examples of Bad Impressions

Absolutely reach out to us if you have any questions, thank you!