Will these make my teeth straight?

They will not! These are retainers, not aligners, meaning they only keep your teeth in their current place. These will not and can not adjust your teeth in any way, close gaps, etc.

How long will it take to get my retainers?

From start to finish you can expect for your finished retainers to arrive in 3-7 weeks. It all depends on how quickly and how well you take your impressions and how quickly you send them back to us. Shipping alone is 5-7 business days in each direction for a total of three shipments.

What happens if I do my impressions wrong?

If your impressions are done incorrectly you will need to retake them. You can purchase additional putty from our website, just reuse the same trays.

Can I send in my own molds?

You can! Email us for more information.

I don't want to proceed anymore, what can I do?

You can find our refund policy under each product on the product page!