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  • JustRetainers is the first company in the entire industry to store your scans FOR FREE for LIFE! Proudly doing so since the beginning of 2020. If you ever need replacements in the future, no need to ever take impressions again! 

  • JustRetainers was the first company in the entire industry to offer free shipping on all orders year round! 

  • JustRetainers offers orthodontic grade retainers for $115 a pair. More than 95% of orthodontists will charge you $300 or more per pair.

  • JustRetainers accepts your own molds! Do you have your own physical molds or STL files that you would like retainers made from? Email us for more information on how to do so! 

About Us

JustRetainers provides you with a high-quality product at an accessible price. Not only do we have essential products to keep your smile perfect, but we understand what many orthodontic offices do not: we can't all afford $300 retainers! Our prices are affordable because we believe in fairness. That does not mean our quality is diminished in any way. Trust us, we know it's hard to believe when so many companies take advantage of their customers because all they care about is money. We care about YOU. 


Our Services

Upper and Lower Retainer Kit


Need both upper and lower retainers? This is the one for you!

Upper Retainer Kit


Just need an upper retainer? This is the one for you!

Lower Retainer Kit


Just need a lower retainer? This is the one for you!

3D Molds


Want to preserve your smile and get a copy of your teeth? This is the one for you!

Additional Putty


Extra putty in case you don't quite get it right the first time!


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